Employee Spotlight: James Pletcher

INTERVIEWER: Hey. Thanks for stopping in on our website today. Best Way Disposal decided to do something pretty innovative. We wanted to put together a podcast, but, you know, we all have jobs to do. And there just isn’t that much time in the day for everyone to get together to have interviews. So we decided to do an asynchronous interview process where questions would be asked and the questions to be answered later at a different time. Both the questions and the answers are recorded, then put together into a mix so that they sound like a mini podcast and and you can have a listen. It seemed as if this was a great way to go about doing this, and I really like the results; I think you will too. So let’s get started.

Today, I’m gonna introduce you to one of our employees.

Hi! Thanks for joining me today. Let’s start with the basics. Can you give the audience your name and your current job title?

JAMES: James Pletcher, Human Resources, DOT compliance.

INTERVIEWER: Now, what drew you to Best Way Disposal originally? Has Best Way Disposal changed since then?

JAMES: The reason I came to Best Way was that I wanted a job that could become a career, something I could grow into… a place that when times got tough, they kept going. And I found that at Best Way.

INTERVIEWER: What exactly do you do for our company? Of course, I know, but this is for the people listening.

JAMES: I started out at Best Way as a night shift haul truck driver. Now I’m the Human Resource DOT Compliance person. I handle all sorts of things from weekly payroll to making sure we meet current federal and state laws. It’s been an exciting ride these last sixteen years, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

INTERVIEWER: I have another question, What’s your definition of success?

JAMES: The meaning of success is waking up every morning and having a purpose in your life. My purpose is providing for my family. And Best Way help me do that.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Last, but not least and just for fun, where do you want to go on your ideal vacation?

JAMES: The ideal vacation for me is pretty simple. I’m a beach guy. You give me some sand, an umbrella, and the sound of waves crashing, and I can be content for hours. It’s pretty simple. Don’t need a whole lot more than that.

INTERVIEWER: Well, that’s it. Short and sweet. Thanks for listening in. And I can’t wait to bring you more mini podcasts in the future. Thanks and have a great day!

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