City of Fort Mitchell: Resident Information
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Beginning the week of September 5th, Best Way Disposal will begin 1x per week trash and recycling collection for the City of Fort Mitchell residents. Trash and recycling will be collected on the same day. 

If you need need a curbside trash or recycling cart, please call 859.372.4900.

Click on the postcard to learn your collection route!

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Is our trash and recycling collected on holidays? The only days Best Way Disposal will not provide collection is Christmas Day (December 25th ) and New Year’s Day (January 1st). If you collection day falls on one of these days, please know Best Way Disposal will collect it the following business day.

For our Fort Mitchell residential customers, Best Way Disposal keeps recycling simple. We offer 65 gallon carts for your single stream recycling program. A Best Way Disposal cart means that your recyclables are neat, orderly, and easy for you to get to the curb.

What is Single Stream Recycling? Single stream means no sorting at your house. Customers can mix any acceptable recyclable items into a single container that is left at the curb just like your normal trash can. Best Way Disposal believes that our resources are valuable and that preservation of those resources is a job that deserves our full attention. Recycling is one way for us to turn materials that would otherwise go to the landfill into potentially valuable resources.

What does Best Way accept for recycling?  Best Way Disposal offers single stream recycling for the following items: