Best Way Disposal Introduces Routeware to Fleet
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Best Way Disposal has recently introduced a new and useful tool across their fleet called Routeware®.  This powerful combination of on-board computing, GPS, and back-office software enables Best Way Disposal to optimize routes, track driver field activity, and cut costs, as well as eliminate missed pick-ups for the towns, municipalities, and cities that Best Way Disposal services.

It is the single-minded vision of Routeware® to be the waste industry’s #1 technology provider.  Best Way Disposal’s new Routeware® system streamlines our waste collection workflow; replacing paper-based scheduling, dispatching, and collection methods with easy-to-use electronic tools in the office and the truck.

Before partnering with Routeware®, Best Way Disposal had no way to communicate with the drivers on the route other than making a phone call.  Now Best Way Disposal has the ability to track all of their vehicles in real time with two-way communication.

Need to reroute a vehicle due to larger pickups or a missed pickup?  Not a problem anymore for Best Way Disposal with Routeware®.

Managing routes – residential, commercial, or roll-off is now a dynamic, fluid process. Traditionally, waste haulers have managed this challenging workload with paper, multiple dispatch sites, and expensive radio and cell phones.  Now Best Way Disposal is proud to be the only waste hauler in the area to utilize this innovative technology to help reduce lost time, which greatly benefits our planet and our customers.