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Need mulch for your flower beds at home? Want to spruce up around an office or other commercial building? In select areas, Best Way Disposal offers quality mulches and topsoil, and best of all, we deliver! Browse the selection below and then contact us to place your order today!

21aa premium driveway
21AA Premium Driveway Gravel
1″ crushed native stone with fines. Meets MDOT Spec. Makes excellent driveway and parking lot material.
22a driveway gravel
22A Driveway Gravel
1″ Processed road gravel mixture of sand, stone, and clay. Good for driveways and parking lots. Material will compact very well. Clay content is normally 6%-8%.
2ns playground sand
2NS Playground Sand (Bedding Sand)
Washed and screened sand. Used for playgrounds, concrete, asphalt, and sewer systems. It is very clean so it doesn’t compact well.
3to5 washed round stone
3/4″ to 1 1/2″ Washed Stone (River rock)
Round washed stone. Used for landscaping and decorative stone gardens and is also used in septic systems and drain fields.
3/4″ to 1″ Washed Limestone
It is both washed and screened. Used in landscaping applications for its white appearance, and in concrete and asphalt products as a base building material.
Boulders 6″ to 12″
Large unbroken stone used in various landscaping applications, field stone walls, and as a rip rap or water velocity brake to prevent soil erosion.
Brown Mulch
Brown mulch.
Cedar Mulch
Cedar mulch.
Economy Mulch
Economy mulch.
Fill Sand
Unwashed sand. The material is usually 3/8″ or less, but occasionally it has larger stones. It has higher clay content than 2NS but compacts better.
1/4″ – 3/8″ washed round stone. Used for playground areas, backfill, and in concrete and asphalt. Drains very well and does not compact.
Premium Top Soil
Our top soil is mixed with sand and dirt then screened.
Recycled Concrete
21AA crushed concrete and 1″ – 3″ crushed concrete.