Eco Focus

Best Way Disposal is committed to protecting the world we live in.  At Best Way Disposal, we understand the importance of having clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and preserving the beauty of our world for generations to come.

DSC_0549 Eco Focus Inset(1) At Best Way Disposal, we work hard every day to meet or exceed the many environmental protection standards that affect our industry.  We know that doing what’s best for our environment sometimes means doing more than just what is required.

  • Our customer service experts are trained to evaluate your needs and provide you with sustainable solutions that are designed for the way you do business.
  • The landfills that Best Way Disposal is affiliated with have been collecting landfill gas for many years.
  • Best Way Disposal has committed millions of dollars and years of work to increase recycling at East Central Recycling.

That’s why we want to share ways that you can help too.

At Home

DSC_0655 Eco Focus Inset(2)Most of us know that we cannot dispose of TVs, computers, other electronics, and appliances with our normal waste, but did you also know that cleaning products, old medications, fluorescent bulbs, and spent batteries should not be set out with your regular trash?  Many towns and cities sponsor special drop off days or other services for these materials so that they can be recycled when possible or disposed of properly.  Sometimes the big-box electronics stores (Best Buy for example) will accept your old electronics for little or no charge.

Over the years, studies have shown that between 30 and 40% of the solid waste generated in the US is paper.  Choosing the paperless option for as many of our bills as possible is not only one way that we can all help to reduce waste generation, but it also keeps potentially sensitive personal information more secure.

What about taking reusable bags when you go shopping?  That can help reduce the number of paper and/or plastic bags that will later be recycled or disposed of.

Using reusable containers for your coffee, water, and other beverages helps reduce waste.  In fact, some stores offer bonuses and or special rewards for customers that choose to bring reusable containers.

At Work

DSC_0717 Eco Focus Inset(3)At Best Way Disposal, we know that in order to make good decisions about your business, you have to have good information.  That’s why we offer waste audits: once you know what you have, then together we can review economic and environmental benefits to help you find the best solutions for all of your wastes.

Double-sided printing not only cuts costs for office supplies, but it also reduces waste generation.

Reusing packaging materials like Styrofoam peanuts, packaging pillows, and boxes will reduce waste and can save money as well.

There are many complicated laws and regulations related to disposal of waste from your business.  Let the customer service team at Best Way Disposal help you stay in compliance.

Let your Best Way Disposal customer service team help you build your sustainability team.  You might be surprised, but many times ‘green’ sustainability practices can have a positive impact on the bottom line too.